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I live in California and let me just say that the Strip Clubs in this state SUCK!. I really liked the Portland Oregon area clubs when I lived up there. Oh well.

Visit these great sites (They lead to adult content, duh, so you gotta be over 18 to click):

DirtyMind.com - The center of the adult Internet world!

DirtyStores.com - Are you looking to buy adult stuff? You will find it all here: lingerie, dildoes, condoms, dirty movies, bondage stuff, games, toys. Everything is here! The phone book of adult shopping.

The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide - This is it, the original sex guide to the Internet. I ground a major ISP to the speed of molasses with all the traffic to this site a dozen years ago when there was no way for all the pervs (me included) to find porn on the Internet. Can you believe there was a time when people had to ask where to find the porn!?!

Photo Sluts - Just a ton of free sex pix and stuff.

Guy-O-Day - Like to look at men? Lots of hot photos that change daily.

Nonaz - Things to make your Pecker Happy.

Hardcore BDSM at its finest!
Hardcore BDSM at its finest!